Commentary: Hybrid working may change contractual terms and

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Commentary: Hybrid working may change contractual terms and

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Commentary: Hybrid working may change contractual terms and conditions for employees

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Certain countries, slotxo โบนัส such as the Netherlands, have had a head start in putting in place hybrid working legislation, well before COVID-19 brought homeworking to the forefront, to protect the interests of both the employer and its employees.

Such legislation typically regulates flexible working arrangements including working hours, working times and places of work.

Employers may deny requests for flexible working for compelling business interests such as security issues, work schedules or financial and organisational problems.

Such legislation is also intended to ensure that there is no discrimination against those who opt to work from home to overcome the traditional social stigma surrounding those who work from home.

This is critical to ensure that equal rights and opportunities are afforded to those opt to work from home.

In Singapore, employers are seriously considering such a hybrid model of working as the way forward. For many, this could mean working from home for part of the week and working in the office the rest of the time.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Indranee Rajah's exhortation to employers to consider offering staff a hybrid work arrangement beyond COVID-19 to allow them to attend to elderly parents or young children, has also been met with broad support and approval.

Banks like DBS Group, Citigroup Inc and Mizuho Financial Holdings News, for example, are paring down office space as they transition to hybrid work - showing that the decentralisation is here to stay, especially given the trend of rapid digitalisation.

Can employers keep up with these changes from a legal perspective however and how will that impact employees?
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